Study Abroad With Duo

Duo Security is mandatory for faculty, staff, and students at Miami University. This includes those who study abroad during their time here. While it may seem like this is just another worry to throw on top of everything else you're already doing in preparation for going abroad, don't panic! It's easy to study abroad with Duo.

There may be times that cell phone service or data (or both) may be unavailable. The good news is: There are several ways you can authenticate without connectivity. Here's how:

  • Duo will work in airplane mode, in areas without a cellular signal, and in locations with no Wi-Fi signal, because the Duo Mobile app (installed on your smartphone or tablet) can generate Duo Passcodes even when no network connection is available
  • Duo, when used with a U2F hardware device (USB security key), will work in areas with unreliable internet access or coverage

Get started

When you enroll in Duo, you will choose the way you will be asked for your second authenticating factor. (For most, this will be the smartphone application Duo Mobile; others may choose to purchase a YubiKey device from the Campus Store.)

No matter how you authenticate, however, in order to prepare to go abroad, the next steps are the same: First, decide beforehand the method by which you wish to authenticate. Then, set up your Duo account to include that path. Making sure you do this before you go abroad is critical - that way you won't run into snags while you're without connectivity.

There are more tips for getting started with Duo in the Knowledge Base at

Read the Knowledge Base guide to studying abroad

Note: YubiKey users that wish to authenticate to VPN with their YubiKey will need to configure their YubiKey for OTP mode. Instructions to do so can be found in the Knowledge Base.

ATTN: International students

For those who use a different phone when in your home countries: If you don’t have a data or cellular plan with your U.S. smartphone when you visit home for the holidays or during the summer, you can add your international device as a second device to your Duo account. Please see the Knowledge Base for more information about adding a second device.

If you don't own a smartphone or tablet, you should purchase a USB hardware token (YubiKey) from the Miami bookstore before leaving the U.S.

Information geared toward international students about technology can be found on the International Student and Scholar Services site.

Incoming Students from China

In March 2019, China rolled out some new regulations that make it difficult for Duo authentication to take place via phone call on +86 numbers. This means that these numbers will no longer be able to receive phone calls as the second factor when logging in to a Miami account. It also means that 

To prevent this from becoming an issue, we are going to preemptively bypass all confirmed Chinese students from needing Duo until they get to the US and can enroll a US device. If you are in China and for some reason when you have confirmed, you are prompted to enroll in Duo, please use this form to request to be bypassed:

Bypass Request Form

We have written some instructions in the Knowledge Base about using Duo in China.

For more information, please visit the Duo website.

IT Services recommendation

We recommend you use the Duo Mobile app to generate an offline code that you can use regardless of whether your phone has service or a data plan. Within the app, simply touch the key icon to generate a number, which you then type into your device when prompted for Duo authentication.