Wil Haygoods summer reading book, Tigerland
Wil Haygood works with a group of facilitators.
Students attending a paper workshop
Students doing field work with Nik Money
Students studying in quad

Foundation I

English Composition (6 hours minimum)

College Composition focuses especially on helping students learn and apply rhetorical knowledge, methods, and strategies. Students analyze and construct arguments using rhetorical inquiry; understand, refine, and improve their composing practices; develop critically aware strategies for reading and interpretation; and explore and use alternative modes of exploration and expression. A key purpose of this foundation is to teach students to deliver writing in a variety of contexts, including digitally networked environments. The essential skills students develop in composition courses help them in their academic work at the university but also in their civic, social, and professional endeavors.

  • ENG 109 College Composition for Second-Language Writers (4)
  • ENG 111 Composition and Rhetoric (3)
  • ENG 112 Composition and Literature (3)