Wil Haygoods summer reading book, Tigerland
Wil Haygood works with a group of facilitators.
Students attending a paper workshop
Students doing field work with Nik Money
Students studying in quad

Global Miami Plan Associate Degree requirements

Academic Foundation 

Each Foundation course incorporates written communication and advances critical thinking as well as at least two additional competencies. The Foundation component enables students to gain a breadth of knowledge across multiple domains of learning:

  1. English Composition (3 hours)
  2. Creative Arts, Humanities & Social Science (9 hours)
    1. Creative Arts (3 hours)
    2. Humanities (3 hours)
    3. Social Science (3 hours)
  3. Global Perspectives (6 hours)
    1. Study Abroad OR
    2. Global Courses
  4. Natural Sciences (6 hours) – including a laboratory experience (often an additional credit hour)
    1. Biological Science (3 hours)
    2. Physical Science (3 hours)
  5. Mathematics, Formal Reasoning or Technology (3 hours)

For Associate Degrees, students need to fulfill 12 credit hours within the Miami Plan foundations I-V and must have completed at least one course in 4 of the 5 areas.