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Assessment of the Global Miami Plan

Overview of Global Miami Plan Competencies

The revised Global Miami Plan embraces the competencies that are included in AACU’s Liberal Education & America’s Promise (LEAP).  It will promote and assess the plan’s signature competencies: written communication and critical thinking.

Although every course will incorporate some opportunities for written communication and critical thinking, not every course in the Global Miami Plan will promote the competencies in the same way or with the same level of intensity. Courses meeting Foundation I (English Composition) and the Advanced Writing requirements, for example, will feature writing and writing instruction and thus will promote written communication more fully than may be done in other GMP courses.

Instructors will also promote at least two other competencies in their Global Miami Plan courses, but they have the option to select those competencies that best align with the goals and outcomes of the course.

On their syllabi, instructors should include a list of the competencies being promoted in each Global Miami Plan course as well as a brief indication of how they will be advanced in the course.

LEAP competencies are listed below with links to the VALUE rubrics:

Intellectual and Practical Skills
Personal and Social Responsibility
Integrative and Applied Learning

Assessment Plan

In keeping with the requirement of the Higher Learning Commission that assessment of student learning outcomes is conducted on all general education programs, the two signature competencies of written communication and critical thinking will be formally assessed using modified versions of the AAC&U VALUE rubrics once every two years. 

Baseline assessment will be done every other year via a writing assignment in English 111 sections. Instructors of capstone courses will require a written, student-initiated project that incorporates an opportunity for critical thinking. Instructors will be responsible for ensuring that students’ assignments are posted via Miami’s Learning Management System, which will be integrated with an appropriate assessment platform.  Ideally, this written project will reflect the prompt the guides the baseline assessment.

A random sample (350-400) of the first-year assignments and a random sample (350-400) of capstone assignments (for a total of 700-800 artifacts) will be scored every other year by the GMP Assessment Team (trained instructors, librarians, and graduate students) using the two AAC&U VALUE rubrics focused on critical thinking and written communication.

Assessment data will not be tied to individual instructors or individual students. Instead, data will be analyzed and used to better understand student learning for curricular revision and improvement. 

This routine assessment of the two signature competencies can be enhanced through additional assessment projects on the critical thinking, written communication, or other competencies developed and implemented by the Liberal Education Council in partnership and with approval from appropriate departments, programs, and divisions.

In addition, during each department’s academic program review, the department or program’s syllabi for Global Miami Plan courses will be reviewed by the LEC Director (in consultation with the appropriate LEC subcommittees) to ensure that the courses continue to comply with the appropriate GMP criteria. 

Assessment data on the Global Miami Plan signature competencies and in departmental program reviews will also be reviewed by LEC and appropriate subcommittees, and improvements will be made to the criteria, faculty development, or assessment plans to ensure a high quality liberal education program.


For information and support on assessment of student learning outcomes (including sample assessment plans, rubrics and outcomes), consult the Center for Teaching Excellence.