Advanced Writing Course Proposal

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Advanced Writing Requirements Overview

The Advanced Writing requirement is part of the Global Miami Plan. The formal, university-approved language about Advanced Writing is on the Liberal Education website. The senate-approved policy indicates the following:

  • Spring 2018 is the last semester that CAS Writing courses will be grandfathered in as fulfilling the Advanced Writing requirement. Only CAS-W courses/sequences that have been approved by CAS as meeting the CAS-W by the Spring of 2018 will count going forward. Thus, if a CAS department currently has an approved CAS Writing course, students (pre-Fall 2018) will be able to count that CAS-W as their Advanced Writing. Student entering in the Fall of 2018 and onward will have to take one of the approved Advanced Writing courses.
  • Courses should be 200-300 level, to encourage students to take them in their second or third year, and to ensure that students take these courses at Miami.
  • Scaffolded divisional writing requirements (like the CAS writing requirement) can count, as long as they meet the other Advanced Writing criteria.
  • Capping Advanced Writing courses at 20 students is recommended, to allow for more feedback and instruction; however, departments may need to devise creative ways for providing feedback in larger courses, depending upon staffing and enrollment in their majors

Departments can request approval for courses they would like to be designated as fulfilling this requirement. They can also advise their majors to take approved Advanced Writing courses taught by other departments.

For further information, please visit the Howe Writing Center's Writing Across the Curriculum page.