Gaining a New Perspective
When Joshua Brown stepped on a plane headed to Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), he didn’t know what to expect. Little did he know how much he would learn there both inside and outside the classroom.
The impact of nursing home residents' characteristics on ratings of importance of autonomy preferences in daily care over time
This study examined the rate of change in reports of importance of 27 autonomy-related everyday preferences from the Preferences for Everyday Living Inventory over 3-months and the demographic and clinical characteristics associated with change for nursing home residents.
Jen Franchak on college grads starting salaries
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Dennis Cheatham article on experience design
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Miami’s Best Buddies program to hold fundraiser at Top Golf
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It's a threepeat! Farmer School team wins VCIC Central Region again
A Farmer School team has won the Central Region of the Venture Capital Investment Competition for the third time, this time on their home turf.
Engaging with Another Culture
Derrick Dews and Jugal Jain were part of the community Engagement in Mexico winter term study abroad trip, which allowed them to interact with native Mexicans and to experience their culture.