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MA in Biology and MAT in Biological Sciences

Project Dragonfly at Miami University provides opportunities for graduate students in the fields of biology, conservation, education, and sustainability. Through the Advanced Inquiry Program and the Global Field Program, Project Dragonfly and Miami University have enriched the lives of many working professionals by offering these unique master’s degree programs.

Quick Facts

2.5 years

Program duration

Feb. 28, 2023

Next application deadline (opens September)

Summer 2023

Next program start date

Cost varies

By program track

Programs & Courses

Students in the Advanced Inquiry Program and Global Field Program can work toward a Master of Arts (MA) in Biology or a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in the Biological Sciences. Applicants with no education background should apply for the MA in Biology, not the MAT degree.

Advanced Inquiry Program

The Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) is a master’s degree program that fosters professional leadership, participatory education, sustainability, and conservation in the U.S. AIP students combine online courses from Miami University with extraordinary learning experiences and field study at premier zoos and botanical gardens in select communities across the nation.

Global Field Program

The Global Field Program (GFP) is a master’s degree program that enables students to build on Earth Expeditions courses to grow as leaders in inquiry-driven education, community-engaged learning, ecological sustainability, environmental stewardship, and global understanding. The GFP combines online classes with courses that bring students, scientists, educators, community leaders, and others together at global conservation hotspots.

Earth Expeditions

Earth Expeditions are stand-alone education and conservation-focused graduate courses in which students travel the globe to join world-class conservation and community projects in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Our mission is to build an alliance of individuals with first-hand knowledge of inquiry-driven, community-based learning for the benefit of ecological communities and global understanding.

Ignite Ecological & Social Change

Join a global network of premier organizations to co-create new solutions to the vital social and ecological issues of our time.