AutoBelay Insertion-Braking System

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A rockwall climber uses the ABIS system

The ABIS-Braking system allows personnel to quickly attach to and detach from a standard 2-point harness, rappel while controlling their speed of descent, and stop at any point during descent
using a brake. A tipping restraint system additionally allows the user to adjust their angle relative to the rope to maintain an ergonomically sound position, perform maintenance mid-descent, and
compensate for heavy backpacks or other loads.

The braking system improves safety and eliminates the need for leather gloves, which typically wear through during extended or repeated fast-roping. Because the brake can be operated with one hand, the other hand is free to perform other functions during descent.

Market Applications

  • High-rise inspection and maintenance
  • Wind turbine inspection and maintenance
  • Cell phone tower inspection and maintenance
  • Delivery of military personnel and equipment
  • Delivery of disaster relief personnel and supplies
  • Search and rescue


  • Constant rappel rate (no brake): 6' per second
  • Adjustable rappel rate (brake): 0'-6' per second
  • Time to stop: <1 second Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Angle of descent: 15°-45° (adjustable)

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