Higher Yield Protein Expression


Dr. Cheng and his research group have developed an improved Baculovirus-Cell system for protein and vaccine production. The insect-specific baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) has been widely used in protein production for research and vaccine development. Production of protein for vaccine development involves cloning a gene of interest into the baculovirus polyhedron locus to make a recombinant virus for high expression in insect cells. However, when the expression recombinant virus is used to infect cells for protein and vaccine production, one of the genes identified as fp25k mutates as fast as in the first infection cycle and soon the mutant form of the virus takes over the parent recombinant virus, resulting in up to 70% lower protein expression. However, in certain insect cells infected by the fp25k mutant virus, the protein yield does not decline as markedly. The invention is designed to overcome yield losses associated with mutations in fp25k. The immediate application of this technology is the use of the system in vaccine production to improve protein expression yields.

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INVENTOR: Xiao-Wen Cheng

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