Use Guidelines

Use and Scheduling

  • The facility is intended to be used primarily as a performance space (i.e. not as a rehearsal hall); acoustic performances, dance or theatrical presentations requiring minimal scenery, guest lecturers or other activities which would benefit from an intimate, formal surrounding.
  • Hall Auditorium is an acoustical auditorium. As such, events which require sound amplification are strongly discouraged from performing there.
  • The facility is not to be used for regularly scheduled academic activities as these could conflict with the performance mission.
  • Scheduling of the facility based on guidelines 1 and 2 will be handled by the Office of Special Facilities.
  • The Office of Special Facilities reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any request for use of the facility.
  • Scheduling priority for use of facilities must adhere to the Priority Scheduling List
  • A separate green room may be used for formal university activities. This room is also scheduled exclusively by the Office of Special Facilities.
  • Events for which the expected attendance is over 300 shall be required to conform to the Occupancy Policy.
  • All lighting and sound needs must be approved in advance by the Office of Special Facilities. Due to staffing and equipment considerations, it may be difficult to honor last minute changes or requests.
  • The operation of all building systems (lighting, sound, projection, stage lift, etc.) is restricted to the trained operations staff.
  • There will be no unsupervised use of the auditorium. The building staff will be present and on duty during all times the auditorium is open (rehearsals, performances, lectures, etc.) to any group.
  • Rehearsals for any event will be limited to one additional day in the auditorium.
  • Non-university groups will be required to pay a facility rental fee to be determined by the Vice President of Business and Finance.

Prohibited Items/Actions

  • Smoking is prohibited in all Miami University-owned facilities and on the grounds of any university-owned property. This includes all buildings owned or controlled by Miami University, shelters, indoor and outdoor athletic facilities, indoor and outdoor theaters, bridges, walkways, sidewalks, residence halls, parking lots, and garages. Smoking is prohibited on sidewalks that adjoin University property. Smoking is also prohibited in any vehicle or equipment owned, leased or operated by Miami University. There are no exceptions.
  • No food or beverages will be permitted in the seating areas.
  • No open flame will be allowed in the auditorium. This includes candles.
  • The use of confetti or glitter is prohibited. Any group that violates the policy will be responsible for all costs related to cleanup.
  • White sole tennis shoes are not permitted on the marley dance floor. The only approved footwear is black soles or ballet shoes.
  • All major reconfigurations (from normal) of the stage will be performed by the assigned building staff only. All repositioning of the portable equipment (i.e. music stands, chairs, risers, podiums, etc.) will be the responsibility of the user.
  • The normal configuration of the stage will be:
    • Full acoustical shell set in the maximum stage setting with a performance area measuring 39 feet wide at the curtain line by 27 feet deep. The stage is 27 feet wide at the rear of the stage.
    • Front act curtain will be open with the stage lift set at stage height.
    • Audience seating in this configuration is set at a capacity of 735 (see Occupancy Policy).
  • No signs may be posted on any walls or windows within the auditorium or lobby. No tape, plasti-tac or any other adhesive may be placed on walls or windows. All decorations must be pre-approved (no exceptions).

Renter Responsibilities

  • Ushering and coat-check services are the responsibility of the user.
  • Special services for persons with disabilities may be requested in advance through the Office of Disability Resources.
  • All sponsoring departments/campus organizations will be required to participate in the set-up, production and restoration costs associated with their activity. An estimate of costs will be provided by the Office of Special Facilities upon request.
  • An index number to be charged must be communicated to the Office of Special Facilities at least two weeks prior to the event. The index number charged will reflect actual costs incurred by the event.