How Do I ...?

Declare a Major if I am Undecided?

Many students need time and assistance to decide on a major. In most cases, it's fine to choose "undeclared" as a major on your application for admission. In fact, this category is the one most entering first-year students select.

And for those who do select a major, 60 percent of all Miami students change their major at least once.

When you apply, you can choose "Undeclared" in various divisions. On the application for admission, you can choose one of the following:

  • University Studies (Undeclared - College of Arts & Science)*
  • Undeclared (Farmer School of Business)**
  • Undeclared (College of Education, Health, and Society)**
  • Undeclared (College of Engineering and Computing)

*If you don't want to choose a division right away, choose this option. You'll be placed in the College of Arts and Science where you'll have the help of an academic advising office whose primary focus is assisting undecided students.**Admission is limited. First-year students are usually admitted as "pre-" majors, eligible to become full majors after meeting certain requirements.

Find my Faculty Advisor?

To find your academic advisor's name and contact information Log in to myMiami. In the search bar at the top, type "academic advising" and look for an icon that says, "Who's my advisor?"  Your faculty advisor is the person you should contact with any questions you have about your academic plan. If you need immediate assistance or your faculty advisor is not available, contact the advising office.

Change/Declare my Major?

Meet with a professional advisor on either Regional campus, who will put you in touch with the appropriate Regional campus faculty advisor of the major/minor that you would like to declare.  You'll work with the faculty advisor to decide on the particulars of your new major and the faculty advisor will submit the major change so it is reflected on your academic record.

Declare an Associate of Arts degree?

Miami Regionals encourages students in bachelor degree programs to declare and complete an Associate of Arts (AA) degree on their way to completing a bachelor's degree.  Associate of Arts degrees show that you have completed 62 hours of coursework with a 2.0 GPA or higher, and that you have completed the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education as well as 12 semester hours in a specific area or concentration.  Concentration areas include:

  • Business
  • Creative Arts
  • Education, Health & Society
  • Engineering & Computing 
  • Humanities
  • Natural Science & Mathematics
  • Liberal Studies & Applied Sciences
  • Social Science

For more information on Associate of Arts degrees at Miami University, please read the information about AA degrees

To see if you have met the requirements for an Associate of Arts degree, or to declare an AA degree and add it to your academic record, please call either Office of Academic Advising (Hamilton: 513.785.3129; Middletown: 513.727.3440) and make an appointment. 

Review Degree Requirements?

A degree audit shows your completed coursework and current registration matched with degree requirements of your declared major; it identifies deficiencies and lists courses to satisfy specific requirements. The report assists you, your advisor, and the university in determining your progress toward completion of your program requirements and serves as a graduation check. For more information on how to access your degree audit, see the OneStop website.

Find Out what Courses are Offered Next Semester?

The course list can be accessed through BannerWeb.

  • Log on to myMiami and click the link to BannerWeb.
  • Select "Student Services and Financial Aid"
  • Select "Registration"
  • Select "Look Up Courses to Add" to view a list of courses.

The online Course List allows students to narrow their course search based on selection criteria such as Campus, Subject, Term, etc. This program does not require logging into BannerWeb.

Please note: Course offerings/schedule/fees are subject to change, and all courses and credit workshops are enrollment contingent.

Register For Classes and When?

Registration dates and times are subject to change. Students are advised to view their registration time ticket in BannerWeb for their personal registration dates/times.

  • Log on to myMiami and click the link to BannerWeb.
  • Select "Student Services and Financial Aid"
  • Select "Registration"
  • Select Check your Registration Status and Your Registration Dates and Times to view your registration time as well as any registration holds that may be on your record. Any and all holds that restrict your registration will be listed here along with contact information for the appropriate office. You must clear your holds before registration will be permitted.
  • Select "Registration/Change of Schedule" to begin the registration process, or select "Look Up Courses to Add" to view a list of courses.

Add or Drop a Course?

When "Change of Schedule (drop/add)" web registration is available, students may make schedule changes through BannerWeb (see the academic calendar for dates/deadlines). Once web registration ends, students must obtain instructor permission to force add or drop courses. For complete information on the policy, please see the General Bulletin.”

Waitlist for an Online Class?

Banner Waitlisting is a feature that allows students to “get in line” for a spot in a class that’s full. Departments may also use waitlist information to determine when additional sections of a class are needed. More information can be found on the E-Campus website.

Drop a Course after Web Registration Closes?

Contact your instructor with your Miami University email account and request to be dropped from the course. Your instructor's authorization is required in order for the course to be dropped from your schedule. It is strongly recommended that you allow ample time for your instructor to receive and act upon your request. Drop requests made shortly before the deadline may not be received by your instructor in time to be acted upon before a drop deadline.

Drop a Course before Adding Another in its Place?

You should make sure that you are able to add a course before you drop a course. If you are attempting to change sections of a course, you must drop your current section before adding the new section.

Force-Add a Course?

  • For Oxford courses, contact the department to inquire about force add policies
  • For Regional courses, check whether the course uses Banner Waitlisting or ROR at the bottom of the Register for Classes webpage, and then use the appropriate request method
  • Check your schedule on BannerWeb via myMiami to ensure the course has been added

View my Grades?

Students can view and print their grades from BannerWeb.

  • Log on to myMiami and click the link to BannerWeb
  • Select "student Services and Financial Aid"
  • Select "Student Records"
  • Select “Final Grades”
  • Select “Term”
Current students can also access and print an unofficial transcript through BannerWeb.
  • Log on to myMiami and click the link to BannerWeb
  • Select “Student Services & Financial Aid”
  • Select “Student Records”
  • Select “Academic Transcript”
  • Select "Level"

Withdraw from Miami?

If you would like to officially withdraw from Miami University, please submit the Withdrawal/Not Returning Application at the One Stop. The deadline to withdraw from the University is posted on the Academic Calendar for each semester/term. Please note that effective Fall 2020, the policy regarding University withdrawal changed and the deadline is no longer the last day of the semester/term. The date used for the official withdrawal is the date that you initiated the process by completing the Withdrawal/Not Returning Form. Please see an academic advisor for details. When you are ready to return to Miami University, please complete the reenrollment application prior to meeting with an academic advisor to select classes.

Withdraw from my Courses for Medical Reasons?

A student may request a medical leave of absence (MLOA) from the university if, during the course of a semester, she/he suffers from a diagnosable physical, emotional or psychological condition that significantly interferes with her/his ability to complete the academic responsibilities. Withdrawal from one or more classes, but not all classes, must be done through consultation with each specific faculty member.

Request excess hours?

This Request for Excess Hours form is used to seek permission to take a course load in excess of 20 hours in Fall or Spring semester (lower limits are in effect for Summer (16) and Winter terms (6)).

There are specific criteria under which a student would qualify for excess hour permission. Please be aware that excess hour permission is not always granted. If approved, the One Stop will be notified for processing. You will receive an email informing you of the decision.

Apply for graduation?

Please go to the One Stop for instructions on applying for graduation. 

Send my transcripts elsewhere?

Please go to the One Stop for instructions on sending your transcripts to other institutions. 

Petition Academic Actions?

Students may petition academic actions taken on their record, for example, a student may petition to hold suspension or dismissal in abeyance, or petition to withdraw from a course after the deadline. If you intend to submit a petition with the help of Regional academic advisors, you should begin by self-enrolling in this Regional Undergraduate Petitions Canvas site

Update my Personal Information?

Please go to the One Stop to update your personal information, including your name and address