Core Curriculum

Images from left to right: Photo of two students working at their desk writing on pieces of papers. Middle photo of 2 students working in the science lab with googles on their eyes. Right image a professor working with a student at their desk.

The Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education helps every student learn to think critically — to examine assumptions behind ideas, exchange differing viewpoints with students and faculty, and make thoughtful decisions by examining their consequences.

The Miami Plan requires that you take foundation courses, usually in your first two years, in subjects such as English, humanities, social sciences, global perspectives, natural sciences, fine arts and formal reasoning. Students also have the opportunity to study abroad as part of the Global Miami Plan.

As an upper-class level student, in addition to courses for your chosen major you must complete a Thematic Sequence—usually a set of three courses—which provides in-depth study in an area or topic outside of your department of major.

The Miami Plan culminates with the Senior Capstone Experience, which is your opportunity to bring together liberal learning and specialized knowledge in a project or seminar of your choosing.

Learn more about the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education on the University's Academics website.