Chair's Welcome

Dr. Marianne Murphy

Dr. Marianne Murphy

Computing is a broad field with many career paths and opportunities. The Computer and Information Technology Department at Miami University offers many paths for students interested in starting a career in a dynamic and competitive industry. We offer associate and bachelor degrees that are designed to develop competitive and forward thinking IT professionals.

We offer a bachelors’ degree, students can major in Health Information Technology (HIT) or Information Technology (IT). These programs prepare students for graduate school and/or exciting careers in IT.

The HIT major is a one of kind bachelor degree program specifically designed to meet the fast growing technology needs of the health care industry. As a unique program not offered by many universities, our graduates are highly desirable candidates for careers in the hospital, health care provider and insurance industries. Additionally, this degree can be completed entirely online.

The IT major allows students to choose a specialty area. We have long offered a Network concentration and a Software Development concentration, The Network concentration prepares students for various certifications.

Our newest specialty area is Agile. We are the only university currently offering courses that lead to professional ICAgile certifications. Our students may instead choose to create a unique specialty. We have worked with and approved specialties in media studies, data analysis and others.

The required capstone project allows students to gain further depth in their specialty area. The broad technical knowledge they receive from the core program coupled with their specialty area allows students to create unique and targeted projects.

For students eager to start an entry-level career in IT, we offer associate degree programs. Like out bachelors’ degree program, students complete a specialty area. These associate degree programs are well aligned for students to complete a bachelors’ degree in IT. Additionally, associate degrees are awarded with an option to complete a bachelors’ degree on the Oxford campus in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Software Engineering.

We have a dedicated faculty of expert teaching professionals who possess extensive industry experience. These teachers know what it means to be in a fast growing industry and are enthusiastic about preparing the next generation of IT professionals.

Looking for a well-paid career in Information Technology? We are in your backyard and eager to meet and speak with you!  We welcome your interest and look forward to partnering with you as you explore your new path.

Marianne C. Murphy, Professor and Chair