Why Computing

2 students working on their laptops during class.

Associate Degree Majors

There are two options for Associate degree majors. One leads to a job, while the other can lead to a job or a bachelor's degree on the Oxford campus.

The first major, Computer & Information Technology (CIT), is for those that are interested in an intensive, technical IT associate degree program that is enhanced by core liberal education courses leading immediately to a job. There are two concentrations, they are in Software Development & Support, and Networking.

The second major, Computer Technology (CT), is for those that are interested in an associate degree program that contains the foundation of computing, enhanced by Miami's liberal education core that leads to a job or a bachelor's degree. Graduates of this associate degree program can find employment immediately after graduation, or continue at the Oxford campus with junior standing to complete their Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Software Engineering degree.

Bachelor Degree Majors

In a field as broad as Information Technology, it pays to give yourself an edge, a distinct and impressive difference that lifts you above the rest. Miami's Bachelor of Science in Information Technology does just that, it is offered only at the regional locations in Hamilton, Middletown, and West Chester. The bachelor of Science in Information Technology features two great majors.

The first major, Health Information Technology (HIT), is more defined and uniquely tailored to the demands of the booming field of electronic record keeping in the healthcare industry.

The second more specialized major, Information Technology (IT), allows you to create and build a unique IT pathway based on your ultimate career goals and/or plans for graduate studies - you own "Custom fIT" (CIT) degree program.