Students in an accounting course sitting at a table talking to one another.
 A professor talking to her students during a business software class.
 Students standing in a line in the front of the classroom giving a presentation.

In a few short years, the Commerce program has become one of the largest and fastest growing programs on the regional campuses. With growth comes opportunity and with that comes the creation of the Commerce Innovation Hub at VOA/West Chester. We currently offer 1 Associate Degree in Applied Business and 4 Bachelor of Science in Commerce degrees

In Fall 2019 the Commerce faculty relocated their offices from Hamilton and Middletown to the West Chester/VOA learning center. For the first time in its history, all the Commerce faculty are housed in one location.

Thank you for entrusting your education to our department and the Miami Regionals. Our students are the reason for our success. We look forward to enhancing our service to you and working with you on obtaining the skills and knowledge that you need to succeed in your career.

Choose from six relevant, rigorous options in Commerce.

Bachelor of Science in Commerce

Associate of Applied Business


Our Mission is to provide quality business education to traditional and non-traditional students in our service area. This will be delivered through bachelor's and associate degree programs and other programs as deemed necessary to our service region. Our programs will provide quality in and of themselves, as well as the opportunity for continued learning if desired by the recipient.