Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the steps to starting my degree?

Submit your application to the Admission office. They will process it and send you a letter telling you to contact the Center for Tutoring and Learning.

At the Office of Learning Assistance, you will take a placement test. Everyone takes these tests. The results tell you and your advisor where you stand in math, English, and reading. Don’t be discouraged by possible low scores. Many students have to take several refresher classes. These classes do not apply toward your major.

After taking these tests, the Office of Learning Assistance will direct you to call the Commerce Department to set up an appointment with an advisor. When you meet with your advisor, you will be guided through the process of setting up a class schedule.

Your advisor will then use their computer to get you registered in your classes. You can change your classes right up until the first week of the semester. You should ALWAYS see your advisor before making any changes.

How long will it take to earn my degree?

You can take as many or as few classes as suits you and your own personal schedule. Some students take one class, and others take four or five. Therefore, the length of time required to finish the degree depends on how many classes you take per semester. If you attend full-time (five classes) each semester and one class each summer, your associate degree will take you two years, and your bachelor degree will take four years. 

Do you have classes in the evening and/or Saturdays?

Based on the fact that you can take your classes at either Hamilton or Middletown campuses, you should be able to schedule many of your classes in the evening. We also offer most classes online.

Do you offer online classes?

Almost all of our courses are available online. In fact, you can complete most Commerce degrees entirely online, or by completing a blend of online and face-to-face courses.

Can I complete my degree entirely online?

Most of our degrees can be completed entirely online. To learn more about online learning at Miami University, visit Regionals E-Campus.

Can I take classes at Hamilton, Middletown, and VOALC?

You can register for, and attend, classes at any of these campuses. There are no special steps required to do this. Most Commerce courses are also offered online.

Can I finish the associate degree and then pursue a bachelor's Degree at Miami?

There are several options for continuing into a four year program. The first option is the Bachelor of Science in Commerce offered on the Miami University regional campuses and online.

The Department of Commerce has agreements with other area colleges, whereby they will accept ALL of the associate degree hours towards a bachelor's degree in business. You should contact your CMR advisor to discuss the details of what degree you wish to pursue or refer to the articulation agreements on this site.

You can also pursue the Bachelor of Integrative Studies (B.I.S.) degree at the regional campuses with all or substantially all of your CMR credits transferring.

Contact your CMR advisor for more details on any of these bachelor's degree options.

Can I take some of my classes at Oxford?

CMR classes are not offered at Oxford. You will be able to get your English, Communications, and Miami Plan classes there.

Can I change my mind about what major I want?

Yes, you can change your major as many times as you wish. The first 40-45 hours are common to all the majors in the Department of Commerce. After these hours, you should try and make a firm decision as the classes you need become more specific to the major.

Who is my advisor?

Your academic advisor is the person you should contact with any questions you have about your academic plan.

To find your academic advisor's name and contact information:

  1. Log in to myMiami.
  2. Click your Student tab located near the top of the screen.
  3. Your advisor will be listed in the top, right corner.

Your advisor will be listed in the top, right corner. If you need immediate assistance and your faculty advisor is not available, contact the advising office.

If you do not have Commerce declared as your major and are interested in this degree, contact our office at or 513-785-7706. 

How will I know what is expected of me once classes start?

The faculty member for each of your classes will give you a syllabus on the first day of class. This describes the class and what you will cover during the semester. They will then go over what they expect from you during the semester. This will include absences, tardiness, make-up quizzes/tests/exams, office hours, etc.

What if I get into a class and realize, for whatever reason, I cannot handle it?

Never, never, never, just stop attending. At the end of the semester, you will be assigned a grade of “F” and this grade could remain on your academic record forever. If you feel you need to drop the class discuss this with the faculty member and with your advisor. They will guide you through the correct way to drop a class.

The Department of Commerce is here to help you do the best you can. If you have ANY questions or concerns, please stop by or call.