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Marketing Management Technology

Associate of Applied Business (66 semester hours)

Marketing Management Technology meets management assistance needs of business and other organizations in customer service, sales, advertising, and promotion. Typical job titles include customer service representative, salesperson, store manager, sales manager, merchandise manager, marketing support technician, advertising specialist, sales analyst, and sales promotion coordinator.

Please note this is a guideline only; your DAR is the official program record.

Online course options

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Core Program Requirements

CMR 101 Introduction to Accounting (3)

CMR 105 Introduction to Marketing (3)

CMR 106 Introduction to Business & the Economy(3)

CMR 108 Introduction to Business Law (3)

CMR 109 Quantitative Business Methods (3)

CMR 111 Introduction to Management (3)

CMR 181 Computers & Business (3)

CMR 207 Management Planning and Control (3)

CMR 282 Computer Based Business Analysis (3)

ENG 215 Writing for Bus. Decision Making (3)

MTH 101 Introduction to Elementary Algebra (3)

MPF I ENG 111 College Composition (3)

MPF II COM 136 (3)

MPF III or IV or V; 2 courses from 2 areas; (6)

(CSE 151 recommended for MPF V)

Specialized Courses

CMR 261 Customer Service and Satisfaction (3)

CMR 263 Sales and Promotion (3)

CMR 266 Consumer Behavior (3)

CMR 284 Emerging Digital Technologies for Business (3)

CMR approved electives *

* Nine credit hours. Select from CMR courses not required for this major.

Note: Students wanting to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Commerce or other bachelor degrees should consult with their CMR advisor to maximize progress toward the Commerce degree while completing their associate degree. 

CMR courses do not satisfy any Farmer School of Business Bachelor degree course requirements and a maximum of 12 credit hours of CMR may be applied.

Program and course content are subject to change. This listing was current at the time of its printing and is intended for general informational purposes only. It should not be relied on to represent your specific requirements. Generally, you are bound by program requirements that existed at the time you first started at Miami University unless you elect to meet newer requirements. The Degree Audit Report System (DAR) produces an individualized report, which indicates your progress in meeting your specific program requirements. You may obtain a copy from the Records Office or from BannerWeb.

Please be sure to consult an advisor in the Department of Commerce regularly, and before starting your program. Learn more about CMR advising.