It is important to choose the degree that will best prepare you for your specific educational and career goals. Students are encouraged to consult with an advisor about which degree is the best fit.

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Communication Studies

Ideas bouncing between brains showing brainstorming and sharing of ideas.

The Communication Studies major will provide you with a strong knowledge base in the communication field, while also allowing for advanced study in selected areas. 

Health Communication

word cloud- health related words

If you're passionate about helping your community by making health information accessible and understandable, our degree in Health Communication is here for you.

Integrative Studies

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Students in Integrative Studies build a Bachelor's degree that works best for them, by making connections among fields of study that fit their educational, career, and personal goals.

Liberal Studies

Combine your interests and credits to finish your degree! Liberal Studies

Designed to make well-rounded critical thinkers for broad-based employment opportunities, the Liberal Studies can help launch—or advance—your career.