Nursing Resource Centers

The Nursing Resource Centers (NRCs) are staffed by Master's prepared directors and student employees. The Centers are sites for learning essential nursing skills using low-fidelity manikins, audiovisual materials and other medical equipment. The Centers have high-fidelity simulation manikins which are used in nursing theory courses to add greater depth to student learning by simulating patient experiences.  Students return to the Nursing Resource Centers throughout the program to enhance their skills in preparation for clinical.

The Nursing centers are located in University Hall on the Hamilton campus and in Person Hall on the Oxford Campus.

Pearson Hall

A NSG professor helping a student work with the simulation manikin
Nursing Simulation Coordinator Angela Turner prepping the simulation manikin for the students.
Nursing Simulation Coordinator Angela Turner watching the students while they work on the simulation manikin.
 Nursing faculty member watching a student put oxygen on the simulation manikin.
 3 students working on the simulation manikin by checking his heart, giving him oxygen, and checking his blood pressure.
 A student holding oxygen over the simulation manikin's mouth and another checking his heart with a stethoscope.
 Students working on giving compressions to the simulation manikin.
 Nursing Simulation Coordinator Angela Turner working with a student on a baby simulation manikin.

University Hall

Student practicing taking someones blood pressure.
President Crawford looking at the manikins.
Nursing Resource Center
 Manikin in the Nursing Resource Center