Health and Disability Services

 A student looking down the throat of a sim patient.
A student looking in someones ear.
 A nursing student practicing using an IV
 A nursing student practicing on a patient.
A student checking a patients vitals.
The professor helping a student learn how to take a patients vitals.
A student taking a patients blood pressure.

Health, Guidance and Counseling Services

For personal illness, physical or psychosocial, students are encouraged to seek care at the health care provider of their choice. Hamilton and Middletown campuses have counselors available who address both academic issues and personal issues and have resources external to the University for referrals. Appointments may be made with the campus counselors by calling the Office of Counseling Services.

Disability Services

Students with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation.  Office of Disability Services (ODS) registration should be completed prior to the provision of accommodations.  Please contact the Office of Disability Services to request an intake appointment to complete registration and request accommodations.

Students who have completed ODS registration are encouraged to meet with faculty during week 1 of class to discuss accommodation plans for the course.