Start Teaching Online with Miami University Regionals

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Welcome to the exciting world of teaching online with Miami University Regionals E-Campus! Whether you are full or part-time instructional-staff, the very first step on the journey to working with E-Campus is the completion of E1. "E1" is an online faculty orientation that utilizes the same delivery method as the courses you will be teaching/developing, Canvas. E1 meets the regulatory (HLC, State Authorization, OBOR) compliance requirements for online learning and professional development for teaching online in higher education. Additionally, E1 helps faculty who are new to online learning and/or new to Miami University Regionals E-Campus to begin the development of technical skills and pedagogy necessary for the online environment using Miami University E-Campus tools and processes. E1 will guide you through translating your pedagogical knowledge and teaching strategies to the E-Campus online environment.  We hope you will find that E1 will also help you pick up new tips and tricks along the way, too. 

After completing E1, the second step to translate your expertise into the online environment is to complete "Canvas Instructor Training." Designed to help 'Teacher' users better understand how to navigate and use the functions and features of Miami University's learning management system, Canvas, Canvas Instructor Training will guide you through advanced development of the Canvas technical skills you will need to successfully deliver, create, and teach your course.

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