Student Profiles

Myrissa KellyMyrissa Kelly

Pyschological Science

"If I am being completely honest, I joined Honors to make my family proud. I was a high school dropout, so my mom never got to see me graduate. I'd like to fix that while I still can. Plus, I have a daughter in 5th grade right now and I want to be the best role model I can be for her."

Leah EversoleLeah Eversole

Health Information Technology

"I decided to join the Honors Program because I was nominated by a faculty member my first semester at Miami University Regionals. Prior to the nomination, I didn’t know anything about Honors. I’m glad I became aware of the program and decided to join because it has further enriched my academic education with international travels, community service opportunities, teaching positions, and so much more."

Au'Lauren MillionAu'Lauren Million

Communication Studies

"I decided to join Honors because I wanted to meet more students looking to accelerate their education at the highest level, and to grow, learn and improve in all aspects."

Sarah HynfieldSarah Hynfield

Community Arts

"More than anything, I joined the Honors program for the experiences. I wanted to be more active within my community and—despite the chaos of the past year—I’ve really enjoyed my time in the program so far. I completed my first Honors experience by volunteering for my local scouting group, which was perfect for me. The Honors program is really great because it offers a huge diversity of ways to actually achieve those experiences! You can do research projects, take special Honors classes, study abroad, or any number of other activities to gain credit."

Regan HaneyRegan Haney


"The reason I chose to become a part of the Honors Program is to participate in more activities that allow me to help out in the local and Miami community. The best experience I had was volunteering at Amanda Elementary to assist third graders in becoming more proficient in their literacy skills."

Zach MatthewsZach Matthews

Information Technology

"As a student who always wants to go above and beyond, I knew Honors was right for me. It provided me with a way to go beyond in my education. With new challenges and experiences every semester it was just something I knew I would thrive in."

Olivia Gronvall

Olivia Gronvall

English Studies

"My advice for students would be to think about how their academic and personal goals could apply as Honors experiences! Volunteering, internships, and even being involved in campus organizations can be experiences."

Mike CroymeMike Croyme


"Use the advantages Honors gives you. Honors will put you in front of faculty who can help facilitate the things you want to do like research or special projects. They want to help you, so let them do so!"