Honors 181: Foundation of Engaged Learning

Being enrolled in this sprint course marks the formal entrance into the University Honors Program. The course is offered in Hamilton each fall and in Middletown each spring on Friday afternoons. It constitutes the first honors experience. HON 181 is a two-credit, credit/no credit seminar.

Seminar Description

HON 181 lays the foundation for achieving a transformative learning experience at Miami. “Transformative learning” means a process through which students grow increasingly able to define who they are and what they value, create (rather than simply memorize) knowledge, and build meaningful relationships with a wide variety of people.Throughout the seminar experience, students are expected to reflect on their interests and strengths as well as the unique attributes of Miami’s learning environment in order to set clear action plans for making the most of their college experience.This seminar will focus on building core competencies of the program, exploring personal and social values, understanding difference, and planning future experiences.