Deborah Newman

Debbie NewmanDebbie Newman is a graduate of Miami Regionals. She earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Information Technology and an Associate's in Information Technology. Her plan is to earn a Master's Degree in Transformative Education. Deb has 3 adult children; one son and two daughters. Debbie home-schooled her two daughters through high school and after graduation, they all three attended Miami Regionals. Debbie has three grandchildren who are the apples of her eye. She will be excited to add more grandchildren to her family anytime her children are ready. Her interests include trains, painting, puzzles, and cake decorating.

She is the Administrative Assistant for the TLC on the Hamilton Campus. Her job is like a quarterback of the office. She loves serving people. Debbie specializes in customer service. Faculty, Staff, and S tudents, if you come to her office, she will do everything she can to help you.