Abby Baker

Abby Baker

My name is: Abby Baker

My graduating year:  2021

My major is: Nutrition with a concentration in Dietetics

What is my Title: I am a Student Specialist and a Certified Test Proctor

What services do you provide for the TLC: I greet everyone as they enter our office. I schedule appointments, monitor the tutoring room, proctor testing, and create and display room decorations.

Three facts I would like to share: I enjoy kayaking. I am part of the faith and fitness club in Oxford, as well as the rock climbing club. My favorite subject is chemistry.

What are your goals after college?: My goal is to earn a master's degree and later a doctorate in nutrition.

I would describe myself as: outgoing, active, and a hard worker.

My personal motto is: "The only people worth impressing are your five year old self and your thirty-five year old self."

I admire: Lady Gaga for unapologetically being herself.

What is your typical day like? School, work, friends, and family.

What is a secret talent of yours? I can clap my one hand.