Stephanie Welling

Stephanie Welling

My name is: Stephanie Welling

My graduating year: 2023

My major is: Applied Biology with a concentration in Human Biology and Health Science.

I tutor: BIO 115,116

CHM 141, 124

MTH 125

Three facts I would like to share: I have gone skydiving before. My favorite color is blue. My favorite activity to do is ice skating.

Some of my achievements are: I enjoy crafting and am avid knitter and Crocheter.

What are your goals after college?: I plan to pursue a PhD in the field related to Biology. I am keeping, my options open and exploring different fields.

What are some of your achievements?: I was on the Dean's List for two consecutive semesters and abstained a through CPA.

I would describe myself as: I am a quiet person until I get to know you then, I will talk your ears off.

My personal motto is: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it is called the present." Agway...KungFu Panda

I admire: My family because they have sacrificed so much for our family.