Kris Lovins

Kris Lovins

My name is: Kris Lovins

My graduating year:  2022

My major is: Computer Science

I tutor:

MTH 025, 049, 125, 151

CSE 174

Three facts I would like to share: My favorite subject is history and CSE. My favorite hobbies are reading and Dungeon and Dragons. My favorite book is Super Powered by Drew Hayes.

My goals after college? After college, I plan obtain a position as a professional programmer while working on video game designs.

Some of my achievements are: One of my achievements is placing third in a state level SAGE completion in high school.

I would describe myself as: I would describe myself as a persistent, educated student working toward my future.

My personal motto is: "To fail is to stop trying."

I admire: I admire my brother as he graduated with three degrees (one major and two minors) within four years.

If I could meet any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?: I would like to meet Steven Hawkins, to be able to experience what went through his mind.

What is a typical day like?: A typical day for me involves a fair bit of studying mixed with a few hours of downtime.

What is a secret talent of mine?: I make silly voices.