Brittany Thomas

Brittany Thomas

My name is: Brittany Thomas

My graduating year:  2021

My major is: Early Childhood Education

I tutor:

MTH 115 and 116

What three facts would you like to share: example: What is your favorite subject? What student organization do you participate in? What are your hobbies?: 1. I play in three adult coed soccer leagues. 2. I photograph weddings. 3. I am in Miami Hamilton CRU- a group that does Bible studies and talks about Jesus.

What are your goals after college?: Getting a job teaching first or second grade, probably at a private school. I would also like to move more south where it is warmer.

What are some of your achievements?: I was in the Top ten at my high school, on the President's List the last three semesters, Member of the Honor's Program at Miami, and recently became certified to be a Peer Mentor.

How would you describe yourself?: I am very detail-oriented and intentional. My favorite thing to do is to randomly give or make people gifts- for example, I do photoshop projects all the time and I love to make really individualized pieces of art for my loved ones. I am also a huge dog-lover and have two shihtzus named Pebbles and Roxie.

What is your personal motto?: Be Present.

If you would meet any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?: I would like to meet Matthew McConaughey because he is my all-time favorite actor.

What is your typical day like?: It depends on the day of the week! Depending on that, I am either in classes, working on my online classes, working at JCPenney Portraits, tutoring./mentoring, doing outdoor photography, spending time with my family and friends, at church, or playing soccer. In my downtime, I'm usually watching movies or creating some type of art.

What is a secret talent of yours?: I play piano.