Eric Secor

Eric Secor

Eric Secor, Regional Associate Director of Admission, Operations
116 Johnston Hall, Middletown Campus
Wilks Conference Center, Hamilton Campus
Phone: 513-727-3216


  • I am originally from New England and recently moved to Ohio in 2018.


  • I attended the University of Connecticut, where I earned a Bachelor's of Arts in Philosophy.
  • I later earned my Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire.

Favorite thing about Miami Regionals

  • My favorite thing about Miami University Regionals is being a part of a place that is open enrollment and serves such an important and diverse set of needs in higher education.
  • What brings me joy, is being able to make it easier for students to get through the admission process no matter how unique their academic histories may be.

Interesting Facts

  • I started working in the Regional Admission Office in December 2018.
  • I deeply value public education and the liberal arts!