Sarah Wooten

Sarah Wooten, Middletown Student Services Technician

Engineering Technology Distance Enrollment Advisor and Distance Site Coordinator
Phone: 513-785-1977


  • Hamilton, Ohio! and I'm an alum of Hamilton High School


  • BA in Psychology from Miami University
  • M.ED from Miami University 

Favorite thing about Miami Regionals

  • My favorite thing about Miami Regionals is the faculty, staff and students! They create a broad and diverse sense of community that reflect multiple dimensions of the human experience. These features strengthen our student body and produce a core element essential in higher education.

Interesting Facts

  • On my initial college application I listed Political Science as my major, with the hopes of attending law school. However, I fell in love with philosophy and psychology, and quickly changed my major. 
  • After graduating from college, I worked at the largest DNA testing laboratory in the world!