Video Contest

Video Guidelines

For the Miami Life Video Contest, contestants are to submit a video that details their unique experiences at Miami University Regionals. Amber Thorn, a current student, provided the following prototype as a guide.

Are you involved in a student organization? Great! Include footage from a meeting. Do you play a sport or coach a team? Think about including some game-day or practice footage. From advising to internships to coffee with friends, this is your chance to show what life is like at Miami University Regionals.

Musical Selection

Contestants MUST use royalty free music in their videos. Music can be downloaded free of charge at the following sites:

Submissions using copyrighted music will be automatically disqualified from the competition.

Submission Limit

Contestants may submit one video each of no more than five minutes.

Code of Conduct

Videos and photography should be appropriate for public viewing and reflect Miami’s values and code of conduct. The following are prohibited and may be cause for disqualification:

  • Images/video clips that depict alcohol or illegal substances 

  • Images/video clips in unsafe locations and/or poses

  • Illegally downloaded music or copyrighted music/content
  • Explicit or inappropriate language

  • Images/video clips that include bathing suits or other inappropriate clothing

Evaluation Criteria

Entries will be judged on creativity, breadth of content and effectiveness in highlighting the unique qualities of Miami University Regionals.


The grand prize winner in each category (2) will win a GoPro HERO7 Black valued at $399.  Second prize winners in each category (2) will win a GoPro HERO7 White, valued at $199. Third prize winners in each category (2) will win a $50 BestBuy gift certificate.