How to Register

Registering with Student Disability Services (SDS) is a 3-step process:

  1. Submit application for services with verifying documentation
  2. Check your Miami email account for application status updates
  3. Schedule a meeting with SDS to determine accommodations

Follow these steps to submit the online application for services:

  1. Go to SAM: Students Accessing Miami.
  2. Select New Student Application. Please enter your Miami Unique ID and Password if prompted.

  3. Complete and review the application. Select Submit Application.

  4. Next you will be prompted to upload documentation. If you do not have documentation select Upload Documentation Later and skip to step 7. Included in this message is an upload link that can be used later to submit documentation to your existing application.

  5. If you have documentation to upload enter the File Title and then select the file you would like to upload. Please Note: The file size must be less than 5MB. Please scan documents at 150DPI or smaller using the naming convention “Last Name, First Name Documentation”.

  6. Select Upload Documentation.

  7. Confirmation of your application status will be sent to your Miami email account.

Documentation delivered directly to SDS by you or your healthcare providers will be uploaded by SDS staff to your SAM record.

Applications are reviewed within approximately 10 business days. You will receive notification regarding your application status to your Miami email account. This notification will include instructions regarding the next steps that should be taken to complete registration.

To complete registration, you will attend a meeting with your assigned Accommodation Coordinator. During this meeting, your needs will be discussed and reasonable accommodations will be determined. You will also receive information regarding procedures for using accommodations during this meeting.

Please call the office on your campus if you have questions regarding the registration process.