HIP Campaign

The Regional Office of Student Activities & Orientation (ROSA) is home to many resources for students on our Regional campuses.

In 2011, the Condom Campaign started to bring awareness to male condoms use and safer sex. In 2015 the program was re-branded with more inclusive initiatives to what it is known as today- HIP Campaign: Healthy, Inclusive, Preventative.

Our office has peer educators who take fellow students through a training on male/female contraceptives, safer sex, healthy interpersonal relationships, and consent. After students are trained by a peer educator, they can bring their HIP Campaign membership card to the ROSA office to obtain a limited amount of free contraceptives. After that, they are a member as long as they are an enrolled student at Miami.

ROSA will keep the student's name and HIP member number in a password-protected file and will never record your transactions with your name, just the HIP member number. Membership is anonymous to that extent – we will never release your name or any other identifying information.

All of our products are FREE of charge!

We currently offer a wide variety of products:

  • Trojan latex condoms
  • Trojan Magnum latex condoms
  • Lifestyles Polyisoprene condoms
  • Lifestyles SKYN large size, non-latex condoms
  • Trust flavored latex dental dams
  • Water-based, glycerin-free Slippery Stuff lubricant
  • FC2 Brand internal condoms
  • Calapro Mechanically Cleaned Low-Powder Latex
  • Finger Cots, size medium
  • Condom carrying packs

There is a limit to the number of products you can receive per week. It has taken the HIP Campaign a number of years to grow to where we are today, and we kindly ask you to participate based on the honor system, and not to abuse the free products that are provided.

Are you interested in signing up for a HIP Training with a Peer Educator? Once you fill out our interest form, one of our peer educators will email you to set up your private training session.