Meet Your Orientation Staff

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What are ROCs & ROLs?

Regional Orientation Leaders and Coordinators (endearingly titled ROC&ROLs) are informed, resourceful guides who assist incoming students and their families throughout the orientation program, coordinated by the Regional Office of Student Activities and Orientation. ROC & ROLs represent our student body through orientation and help incoming students transition to college at Miami University Regionals. Not too long ago, these students were in your shoes and are excited to pass along their excitement for the Regionals through this experience!

"In high school, you are given these ideas and examples about what college is going to be like. The thing is, this idea can be way different from the reality. Orientation is how we can better help you anticipate what to expect as well as help you understand some of the things we do and use at Miami. As a nursing major, I had a vague idea of what I would be learning and how things would look for me at Miami. However, when I realized how much went into being a nursing major, I was so glad that I had an upperclassmen to lean on and coach me through things." says Orozco, senior Nursing student from German Village, Ohio. “Plus, the ROC and ROLs aren't just students teaching you about campus. We also help by serving as a familiar face or name when your semesters start. We are always a resource you can reach out to if you need something or aren't sure where to go." Orozco is one of our returning ROC&ROLs for the 2021 orientation program.