Meet Your Summer Orientation Staff

2020 Collage of Summer Orientation Leaders

The 2020 Summer Orientation Leaders. Numbers correspond to the ROC&ROLs listed below.

Orientation being 100% online this year may come as a surprise for many, but Miami University Regional students have risen to the challenge! Your Student Orientation, Advising & Registration (SOAR) Team is excited to tackle the virtual world and help prepare new students for whatever the fall semester may bring our way.

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Regional Orientation Leaders and Coordinators (endearingly titled ROC&ROLs) are informed, resourceful guides who assist incoming students and their families throughout the orientation program, coordinated by the Regional Office of Student Activities and Orientation. ROC & ROLs represent our student body through orientation and help incoming students transition to college at Miami University Regionals.

"Orientation is an important part of a collegiate student's journey because at SOAR, students are able to meet other students that may or may not have the same major and may share the same classes. Orientation also provides students with [...] time where they can get any and all questions answered." says Holly Scott, junior Forensic Science major from Hamilton, Ohio. "SOAR allows the students to meet the staff/faculty [...] and learn how the offices can aid the student's journey at Miami. Students also learn about various student job opportunities and resources around campus that they might have not known about otherwise."

Scott is one of our returning ROC&ROLs recently selected for the 2020 orientation program.

The 2020 ROC&ROL team will engage incoming students virtually this year, as orientation will be offered in a remote-only format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ROC&ROLs will continue to serve as ambassadors in welcoming students to Miami, answering questions, and facilitating a/synchronous, digital programs throughout the summer. Not too long, these students were in your shoes and are exited to pass along their excitement for the Regionals through this experience!

"As a former CCP student and a student at Miami, orientation was crucial to allowing me to feel comfortable in this new environment," says Ben York, a Non-Profit & Community Studies major from Springboro, Ohio. "Of course, alongside that introduction to my future classmates and our new surroundings, there is a lot of information present at orientation of which students can take advantage."

"I’ve been blown away by our incoming ROC&ROL cohort's commitment to welcome our incoming student populations in this fully digital landscape" said Bethany Carr, Director of New Student Programs & Engagement. “Their creativity, experience, and positivity will help us succeed in welcoming our new students and have a positive impact on them during their orientation season."

2020 ROC&ROL Team

  1. Amos Chen, Small Business Management major from Wenzhou, China
    • Afraid of airplane trips, enjoys cozy environments
  2. Peijiao Chen, Business Economics major from China
    • Loves life, stays positive, and loves opportunities to become a better self
  3. Al Combs, Health Communications major from Ohio
    • Has lived on a farm her entire life, cow is favorite animal
  4. Ellie Earls, Social Work major from Middletown, Ohio
    • Has a horse named Moose, loves getting involved on campus
  5. T Gonzalez, Criminal Justice major from Hamilton, Ohio
    • Can play guitar and piano, loves watching unsolved crime shows
  6. Brooke Johnson, Nursing major from Franklin, Ohio
    • Can play the piano, loves pop up fest
  7. Au’Lauren Million, Communication Studies major from Middletown, Ohio
    • Second generation Miami student, enjoys community feel of our campuses
  8. Marielena Orozco, Nursing major from Okinawa, Japan
    • Participated in show choir since 6 years of age, comes from a military household, loves getting to meet everyone on campus
  9. Holly Scott, Forensic Science major from Hamilton, Ohio
    • Plays Animal Crossing and strives for a perfect island, loves that Miami has become a second family
  10. Nick Thornton, Small Business Management major from Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Owns chickens, likes to be able to take classes anywhere
  11. Barb Tsitey, Computer Engineering major from Ghana, West Africa
    • Has a contagious laugh and smile, strives for best results
  12. Liam Wise-Powell, Integrative Studies/Associate in Pre-K major from Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Active gamer, owns 4 cats and 2 dogs
  13. Seven Xu, Small Business Management major from Chongqing, China
    • Loves to cook, and favorite part about Miami is the cafeteria
  14. Ben York, Nonprofit and Community Studies major from Springboro, Ohio
    • Very frugal resulting in being creative in the kitchen so he doesn’t have to go buy more ingredients
  15. Emma English, Graduate Student Intern from Miami University
    • Has rescued a cat named Penny, her two front teeth are fake!
  16. Kayla Patterson, Graduate Intern from Wright State University
    • Flew a plane at 8 years old when attending a conference for women in aviation
  17. Bethany Carr, Regional Director from Hamilton, Ohio
    • Has a passion for learning both in and out of the classroom, owns 150+ tabletop games
  18. Andy Richard, Administrative Assistant from Fairfield, Ohio
    • Advisor to Good Game Well Played (GGWP), enjoys being crafty, movie guru