Xiao-Wen Cheng: Microbiologist Hopes Effort to Build a Better Flu Test Will Catalyze a Start-up

Xiao-Wen Cheng sits in front of a microscope in his lab. Dr. Xiao-Wen Cheng, associate professor of microbiology, has developed a better flu test, one that can give accurate results in the doctor's office while a patient waits. Hoping to get his test to market, he recently participated in I-Corps@Ohio.
Accurate flu test results can enable life-saving treatment for some vulnerable patients, but currently available tests don't catch early infections. Microbiologist Xiao-Wen Cheng had developed a new test that's so accurate it can detect the presence of a single virus in a sample. His path to commercializing this new test began with his participation in I-Corps@Ohio, a statewide program that helps validate market potential and launch start-ups. Read more.