Kate Rousmaniere and Susan Mosley-Howard: College Success of Miami Tribe Students

A group of about 20 students sits in chairs in a circle that takes up the whole room. Twine criss-crosses the empty center of the circle, as some students hang onto a piece of it. In the foreground, a man in a red plaid shirt, whose back is the the camera, holds a ball of twine up in the air with his right hand. Myaamia Center director Daryl Baldwin (bottom left) leads Miami Indian Heritage class students in a community web exercise.  Researchers Dr. Kate Rousmaniere and Dr. Susan Mosley-Howard have found the Heritage class is a key to Miami Tribe students' success at Miami University.
Educational leadership professor Dr. Kate Rousmaniere and educational psychology professor Dr. Susan Mosley-Howard look at the role self-identity plays in the success of Miami Tribe students at Miami University. Read more.