Animal Care and Use

Updated March 17, 2020

The Animal Care Facility is currently well stocked on essential items and staff have plans in place to continue providing routine care, including food, water, sanitation, health checks, and veterinary care. 

Principal Investigators should carefully evaluate ongoing and planned animal activities considering the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. Specifically, they should:

  • Document that daily checks are occurring. This can be accomplished by the assigned staff member sending an affirmative email to the PI after a check is completed. PIs should be especially vigilant about confirming daily checks if such responsibilities are assigned to a student. If Animal Care Facility staff are carrying out daily checks, be sure this is documented in the protocol.
  • Consider delaying new projects and refrain from setting up new breeding cages.
  • Consider concluding experiments early to collect essential data.
  • Continually evaluate whether in-process experiments can continue with the available lab staff.
  • Prioritize experiments based on available laboratory staff and resources.
  • Create an emergency contact list for your research staff to ensure communication within your group.
  • Update your IACUC protocols to ensure Animal Care Facility and Research Ethics & Integrity staff have access to your current contact information.
  • Reschedule animal orders if planned experiments are canceled or delayed.
  • Make arrangements with the Animal Care Facility for interim care of colonies in satellite facilities in the event of a shutdown.

Research Ethics & Integrity staff are currently working on remote options for animal care and use program orientation. When available, details will be posted on the Animal Care and Use Program webpage.


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Director of Research Ethics & Integrity
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