Human Subjects Research

Updated March 17, 2020

At this time, there should be no direct contact with human subjects involved in research. All contact with human subjects should be remote (e.g. via email, phone, Webex, Formstack, or Qualtrics). Please contact Neal Sullivan, Director of Research Ethics & Integrity, if you need to revise or amend your IRB protocol to conduct remote interviews or surveys.

In those cases where human subjects research visits cannot be performed remotely, but are not essential to a participant's health, researchers should either delay projects or work with their teams to develop revised or alternative plans to enable continued progress.

Researchers who are required to have physical interactions with human subjects, through blood draws, exercise routines, physiological monitoring, or similar activities, must request an exemption to the restrictions outlined here. Such requests should be submitted to Susan McDowell, Vice President for Research & Innovation. All requests are subject to approval by the Provost.

Research Ethics & Integrity staff are currently working on remote options for human subjects training. When available, details will be posted on the Research Using Human Subjects webpage.


Contact Us: Human Subjects Research

Neal Sullivan
Director of Research Ethics & Integrity
102 Roudebush Hall