Center for Bioinformatics & Functional Genomics (CBFG) Guidelines

Part 1: General considerations

  1. CBFG will be restricted to swipe-card access 24 hours a day – no open-door policy.
  2. A Zoom/Webex “Return2Research” session will precede door privileges.
  3. Project consultation will be Zoom-/Webex-based until social distancing restrictions are relaxed.
  4. No unauthorized users or guests (e.g. tour groups) during Fall 2020 semester, unless specific permission is granted (face coverings required).
  5. All users (undergraduate, graduate, technicians/staff, faculty) will need prior approval by the director for access, both during previously “normal” business hours and previously “after” hours.
  6. Users will be required to use a face covering:
    • N95/KN95 mask
    • Cloth mask
    • Cloth bandanna
    • Other cloth covering
  7. Gloves, outside of pre-COVID-19 procedures, are not required, but we ask that users wash their hands on entry and prior to exit.
  8. If there are too many people in the CBFG (a user has run overtime), the last person in must leave and wait outside (with social distancing) until the overtime user leaves the facility. In these cases, CBFG staff should be contacted so that these events can be mitigated.

Part 2: Specific procedures

  1. Schedule (online Google Calendar) and limit the physical usage of the CBFG to one person per bay (the CBFG has four bays in the main Pearson Hall 086F lab, and enough room for an additional individual in 086E (robotics & ABI CE instruments).
    • For example, time on the Nanodrop(s) will have to be scheduled in advance.
    • There will be no drop-in training; this must now be scheduled.
  2. 70% ethanol (5 minutes contact time and wipe-down) decontamination at the beginning and end of each workday, until we confirm what cleaners we can use on what instrument surfaces.
  3. A table will be set up in the foyer of 086F that will include cleaning equipment, paper towels, cleaning procedures, and contact information.
  4. The CBFG conference room (086A) can be used as a drop-off/pick-up location.
  5. Computer keyboards in the main CBFG wet-lab (086F) will be wrapped in plastic wrap to permit cleaning and disposal.
  6. For bioinformatics workstations, we will install NoMachine onto the workstations and then offer users instructions for remote connections. This should eliminate high-density gathering within the computer room.
  7. Users should email requests for Promega HELIX purchases to If they need to have CBFG staff access the freezer/cabinet (during regular 8:00am-5:00pm business hours only), please allow up to 2 hours' lead time.
    8) Samples may be booked online using the sequencing booking spreadsheet and submitted in person.

Part 3: Considerations for Flow Cytometry Room

  1. Access to Pearson Hall 072 will be restricted to approved and trained users, with swipe card access only, 24 hours a day
    2) There should be a maximum of 2 people at any one time in the room, with these critical exceptions:
    • Either the Attune NxT & BD LSR II (Gonzo) can be used simultaneously, or
    • Either the BD FACSMelody & BD LSR II (Gonzo) can be used simultaneously, but
    • NOT both the Attune NxT & the BD FACSMelody at the same time.
    • This is because the Attune NxT and the FACSMelody are both located at the same end of the room, whereas the BD LSR II (Gonzo) and either of the other two instruments are at opposite ends of the room, approximately 12 feet apart.
  2. We will provide cleaning supplies and posted procedures to the right of the sink (sink on left as you enter) for cleaning the instruments.
    ◦ Face shields (required for this room) should be worn in addition to face coverings (masks).
    • Face shields will be provided by the CBFG and shall be left in the Flow Cytometry Room upon exit.
    • Please sanitize your "used" face shield for the next user before leaving the room.

Contact Us: CBFG Guidelines

Andor Kiss
CBFG Director
513-529-4280 or 513-593-6598

Xiaoyun Deng
Senior Technician
513-529-4281 or 513-728-0005