Human Subjects Research

Updated January 24, 2021

Whenever possible, contact with human subjects should be remote (e.g. via email, phone, Webex, Formstack, or Qualtrics). Please follow the normal protocol modification procedures if, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the consent or data collection process must be changed, whether the changes include more or less contact with subjects and among researchers.

In those cases where human subjects research visits cannot be performed remotely, but are not essential to a participant's health, researchers should either delay projects or work with their teams to develop revised or alternative plans to enable continued progress.

Researchers who are required to have physical interactions with human subjects, through blood draws, exercise routines, physiological monitoring, or similar activities, must obtain documented approval for plans from their department chair. Care should be taken to coordinate with other labs to ensure incidental exposures to COVID-19 are minimized. Information about planning can be found on the Research Ethics & Integrity website.

Research Ethics & Integrity staff are currently working on remote options for human subjects training. When available, details will be posted on the Research Using Human Subjects webpage.


Contact Us: Human Subjects Research

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Director of Research Ethics & Integrity
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