Personalized Consultation

Contact us: personalized consultation

Heather Johnston
Associate Director and Information Coordinator
102 Roudebush Hall

In a research funding consultation:

  • The researcher shares information about his or her research program or a specific project
  • The researcher provides the OARS consultant with details about when the project will start, how long the project will last, and how much money is being sought
  • The researcher has an opportunity to ask questions
  • The OARS consultant provides a brief overview of self-service funding opportunity search tools provided by OARS
  • The OARS consultant answers the researcher's questions, in some cases referring him or her to other OARS staff for help

Consultations can take place in person, on the phone, or through e-mail or the chat feature in Miami's Gmail system.  Following the consultation, the OARS consultant will provide the researcher with information about specific funding opportunities that may be a good fit for the researcher's program or project.

To get started, contact Heather Johnston (529-1760).