Indirect Cost Recovery Distribution

As part of the new Responsibility Center Management (RCM) budget, beginning July 1, 2013, any Facility and Administrative Costs (aka, indirect costs) received on an external grant award will be distributed as indicated in the table below. The two changes from the previous distribution model are that:

  1. The portion allocated to E&G will be reduced from 45% to 40% and this amount will then be distributed to the appropriate Responsibility Center (at the level of the academic dean), unless the Vice President for Finance needs those funds for extenuating circumstances.
  2. PI's will receive a total of five percent (5%) of the distribution of indirect costs recovered on newly awarded grants, to be set up in a professional expense fund account.

This will not affect the indirect cost distribution already set up for continuing grants or supplemental awards to continuing grants. If there are other agreements already in place regarding indirect cost distribution (e.g., an institute or center), then those agreements will be honored and adjustments to the Research & Innovation's or Dean's share will be made accordingly.

Unit Previous F&A distribution
(before FY2014)
New F&A distribution
(FY2014 forward)
E&G 45% 40%
(re-directed to Academic Dean)
Research & Innovation 20% 20%
Academic Dean 20% 20%
Department 15% 15%
Principal Investigator(s) 0% 5%

Professional expense funds awarded under this program will be placed into designated accounts managed by the PI(s). With the exception of supplemental pay or summer salary, these funds may be used for professional expenses consistent with university expenditure policies (e.g., professional travel, supplies, conference expenses).

If a proposal or award has multiple PI's, departments, or academic divisions, the indirect cost distribution will be based on proportions defined during the proposal development stage, as listed in the Cayuse record.

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