Cayuse FAQs


What is Cayuse?

Cayuse is a software tool Miami has adopted for routing proposals, contracts, and other types of agreements. Additionally, Cayuse can be used to submit most Federal grant applications to the Federal granting agencies.

Cayuse consists of three parts: Cayuse SP which is used by faculty and staff for proposal routing, Cayuse 424 which is used to submit Federal proposals to the Federal granting agency, and Cayuse Workflow, which is used by institutional administrators for creating and managing events.

Who do I contact for help?

For technical assistance using the system, first contact Research & Sponsored Programs at 513-529-3600. If unavailable, you can contact Cayuse at 503-297-2108 x201, M-F from 9:00am to 8:00pm ET. Additional support is available on the Cayuse website at or you can reach Evisions by e-mail at

What versions of Adobe software are supported?

Any versions of Adobe can be used. However, it is recommended that you have the latest version with all supporting patches installed.

What browsers can I use to access the system?

Cayuse works best with Firefox or Internet Explorer. Although the vendor tells us that the system provisionally supports recent versions of Chrome and Safari, many users report being unable to upload attachments in these browsers.

I am using a supported browser, but I am still having problems. What do I do?

Ensure that JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in your browser. Also ensure that pop-ups are allowed. Click on the following for assistance:

Whenever I move to a new screen, a report form pops up. Why is this?

This problem is a known issue when using Chrome. Simply close the report pop-up window and resume use. For optimum Cayuse performance, Firefox is the recommended browser.

Does the system support Macintosh, iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices?

You can use Cayuse on your Macintosh computer. Firefox is the recommended browser. Mobile platforms are not supported at this time.

How do I recover my user ID or password?

Cayuse uses the same sign-on system used for Gmail, Niikha and other Miami online services. If you are having trouble with your user ID or password, please contact the IT Services helpdesk at 513-529-7900 or If you do not have a Miami unique ID, contact Research & Sponsored Programs at 513-529-3600.

Do I have to use Cayuse to route and submit my proposal?

Yes, as of January 1, 2015, Research & Sponsored Programs no longer accepts paper copies of the proposal approval form (PAF) and is requiring that all proposals are routed through Cayuse.

Cayuse 424

What is Cayuse 424?

Cayuse 424 is a software tool used to prepare and submit proposals to Federal awarding agencies.

How do I add non-PDF attachments to my proposal?

Non-PDF attachments must be uploaded by a System Administrator. Contact your Research & Sponsored Programs representative if your proposal requires non-PDF attachments.

Why does my base salary appear higher than my actual salary?

Base salary is calculated as annualized salary. For faculty and staff on a 9-month contract, base salary is calculated as actual 9-month salary plus 3 summer months of earning potential. It is okay to delete your base salary from the Cayuse 424 budget sheet.

Does Cayuse 424 support NSF collaborative proposals?

No. Because collaborative proposals are not supported by, they are not supported by Cayuse 424. NSF collaborative proposals should be submitted via NSF FastLane.

I cannot find a particular NSF form for my proposal. What do I do?

If you are submitting a NSF proposal that requires a non-standard form, such as the Proposal Classification Form, you can either submit your proposal via NSF FastLane or you can upload the form to NSF FastLane using the “File Update” module after you have submitted your proposal via Cayuse 424. Contact your Research & Sponsored Programs representative if you have questions.

How do I add a subaward to my Cayuse 424 proposal?

Institutions and agencies who have adopted Cayuse 424 can send you their subaward file to be imported into your Cayuse 424 application. For non-Cayuse institutions and agencies, direct them to in order to develop a Cayuse 424 subaward for import.

When I imported a subaward into Cayuse 424, the budget justification disappeared. Where did it go?

The subaward import process does not import the budget justification attachment. The attachment must be added manually within Cayuse 424.

Cayuse SP

What is Cayuse SP?

Cayuse SP is a software tool used to route and approve proposals, contracts, and other types of agreements internally.

When I copy a previously prepared or submitted proposal, parts of the form are missing. Why is that?

Only Cayuse templates are copied when copying a previously started or submitted proposal. Customized fields, such as Conflict of Interest, Regulatory Compliance, Export Control, Intellectual Property, Community Benefits, etc. are not able to be copied.

I don’t see my sponsor in the dropdown list. What should I do?

Many sponsors to which we regularly submit proposals have been pre-populated in Cayuse. If you are submitting to a sponsor that was not pre-populated, select “Other” and contact your Research & Sponsored Programs representative.

How do I add an administrator on my routing form in order to assist me?

On the Investigators/Research Team tab, add the administrator from the dropdown menu. Select "Other Participant (no routing)," as their role. In addition, define their "Sponsored Effort" as 0%.

On the budget tab, should I provide a SUMMARY or DETAILED budget?

Research & Sponsored Programs requests that you provide a detailed budget, regardless of budget type you submit to the sponsor.

What if I have additional information that I want to share with Research & Sponsored Programs or my department chair and dean?

Use the “Submission Notes” tab in order to provide additional information regarding your proposal, contract, or agreement.