External Research Opportunities

Miami students can find many opportunities (in all academic disciplines) to conduct research and creative scholarship away from campus. Contact the Office of Research for Undergraduates to chat one-on-one about how to get started. Or just follow the links below to explore external funding sources.

Internship Opportunities

A variety of national organizations (including universities and government agencies) offer paid summer research opportunities to undergraduates. Typically these summer research experiences are designed to immerse the student in a hands-on structured environment that ties together all project activities and participants. Whether in your major or in a field you have yet to explore, an intense focused experience will add value to your academic career.

Most summer research experience application deadlines run from November to early February. We encourage you to start your search in mid fall semester. Plan on dedicating time to identify a few undergraduate research experiences that interests you. Your time invested in learning to search for funding sources will become valuable to you as a researcher. Most of these summer programs will required students to have one or two faculty submit a letter of recommendation.

Scholarship Opportunities

Miami University's Honors Program is committed to assisting all Miami University students and alumni to identify, plan for and win national scholarships and fellowships in pursuit of their life goals and dreams. These fellowships are designed for individuals who plan to pursue graduate school, study abroad, or professional development. Graduate students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships, fellowships, and other funding opportunities available to Miami students.