Banner Policy

1. Affiliated Student Organizations, Registered Student Organizations, Club Sports, Fraternities, Sororities and Student Media Organizations (per Student Handbook, Part 5, Chapter 1) and University Departments are permitted to hang banners in the Armstrong Student Center, and only in designated, reserved spaces.

2. There are 10 designated banner spaces in Armstrong (see diagram for locations). The banners will be hung by Armstrong Student Center staff from the railings with material provided by the Student Center. (For information related to hanging banners in Bicentennial Rotunda, contact the Assistant Director of the Armstrong Student Center*).

3. Banner space may only be reserved through the Virtual EMS reservation system as a way to advertise an event open to the entire campus; reservations must be placed at least 2 weeks in advance.

4. Banner space can be reserved through Virtual EMS for a maximum of one week (7 consecutive days Monday-Sunday) per event in only one location at a time. Banners will not be moved around during the week.

5. A sketch or high resolution photo of the banner must be submitted for approval by the Armstrong Student Center Board by Noon on the Wednesday before the banner may be hung. Once approved, only minor modifications may be made to the banner design.

6. Banners must be dropped off before 2pm on Friday in the Armstrong Administration Suite (ASC 3012). Banners will be changed out on Monday mornings.

7. Banners will be taken down and placed in the Student Organization Work Room on the second floor of the Armstrong Student Center (ASC 2018) after the reservation has ended. Banners left for over a week will be discarded, and the Armstrong Student Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen banners.

8. The Armstrong Student Center Board, Director of the Armstrong Student Center and/or their designee, have the right to deny banner space if the banner is deemed to be in conflict with the mission and values of Miami University. 

9. As outlined in Part 5, Chapter 7 of the Student Handbook, banners may not advertise alcoholic beverage or tobacco consumption, promote commercial activity of any person or entity other than a student organization, and are subject to all applicable state and federal laws – including libel laws.

10. All banners are subject to applicable University policies, including the Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination.

11. The requesting organization is responsible for making the banner.

12. Banners must be made in a square or rectangular shape, and may not exceed 70 inches in width and 100 inches in length (twin sized flat bed sheets are the ideal size). Banners should also have appropriate grommets/holes to hang the banner from a railing. 

13. Banners must list sponsoring organization, time, date, name and place of event. Banners may promote awareness weeks, but must include the date range for the awareness week.

14. Because of their proximity to dining venues, banners may not use decorative materials (glitter, sequin, yarn, etc.) or other materials that require being affixed to the banner.

15. Any exceptions to this policy will be made by the Armstrong Student Center Board, Director of the Armstrong Student Center and/or their designee.

*Bicentennial Rotunda – banners in the rotunda are limited to open events happening in the Armstrong Student Center, and may only hang for 48 hours in advance of the event. All design guidelines outlined above still apply to rotunda banners. 

Approved by the Armstrong Student Center Board 2/4/2015