Joslin Family Terrace

Roger `58 and Stephany `58 Joslin and Edsel celebrated their 50-year class reunion in 2008 with a $500,000 commitment that named the Joslin Family Terrace. Located on the Armstrong Student Center’s west side, this 4,000-square foot space for gathering and al fresco dining offers a view of the iconic Hub area of campus while providing entrance to the Armstrong Student Center’s signature second floor via a representation of Miami’s Slant Walk.

A Miami Merger, the Joslins have also named the Student Senate Chambers in Phase 2 to honor their meeting while students working in the student government organizations.

Their daughter Jill Joslin Gilbert `87 and son James Joslin `92 are both Miami graduates, and the Joslins were both active in the Greek system while undergraduates at Miami. They have remained active with the university through their involvement in Alumni Association programming, and Roger previously served on the Alumni Board.

Joslin Terrace