Building and Event Policies

Please review the building and event policies while planning an Armstrong Student Center Event.  Some of our common policies can be found below but it does not represent an exhaustive list of policies.


The right to acquire, possess, and consume alcoholic beverages is limited by laws that establish minimum drinking ages, drinking and driving laws, and so on. Miami University also has established policies on alcohol use on campus and by campus groups. It is incumbent on students, faculty, and staff to become knowledgeable regarding these policies, whether for individual decision-making or for planning programs and events for a department or organization, including student organizations.

If alcoholic beverages are to be served, this must be communicated at the time of scheduling and approved by the Director of the Armstrong Student Center.  All alcoholic beverages must be purchased through Miami Catering.  Any alcohol provided by Miami Catering must be serviced by a member of their staff.

Student organizations may not charge alcohol to their university account and may not host events with alcohol in Armstrong Student Center.

For the full policy please refer to Chapter 4 of the Student Handbook.


Affiliated Student Organizations, Registered Student Organizations, Club Sports, Fraternities, Sororities, and Student Media Organizations (per Student Handbook, Part 5, Chapter 1) and University Departments are permitted to hang banners in the Armstrong Student Center, and only in designated, reserved spaces.

  1. There are 10 designated banner spaces in Armstrong. The banners will be hung by Armstrong Student Center staff from the railings with material provided by the Student Center. For information related to hanging banners in Bicentennial Rotunda, contact the Associate Director of Campus Engagement in the Armstrong Student Center*.
  2. Banner space may only be reserved through the EMS Web App reservation system as a way to advertise an event open to the entire campus; reservations must be placed at least 2 weeks in advance.
  3. Banner space can be reserved through Virtual EMS for a maximum of one week (7 consecutive days Monday-Sunday) per event in only one location at a time. Banners will not be moved around during the week.
  4. Banners must be dropped off before 2pm on Friday in the Armstrong Administration Suite (ASC 3012). Banners will be changed out on Monday mornings.
  5. Banners will be taken down and returned to the Armstrong Student Center Administration Suite after the reservation has ended. Banners left for over a week will be discarded. Additionally, the Armstrong Student Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen banners.
  6. As outlined in Part 5, Chapter 7 of the Student Handbook, banners may not advertise alcoholic beverage or tobacco consumption, promote commercial activity of any person or entity other than a student organization, and are subject to all applicable state and federal laws – including libel laws.
  7. All banners are subject to applicable University policies, including the Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination.
  8. The requesting organization is responsible for making the banner.
  9. Banners must be made in a square or rectangular shape, and may not exceed 70 inches in width and 100 inches in length (twin sized flat bed sheets are the ideal size). Banners should also have appropriate grommets/holes to hang the banner from a railing.
  10. Banners must list sponsoring organization, time, date, name and place of event. Banners may promote awareness weeks, but must include the date range for the awareness week.
  11. Because of their proximity to dining venues, banners may not use decorative materials (glitter, sequin, yarn, etc.) or other materials that require being affixed to the banner.
  12. Any exceptions to this policy will be made by the Armstrong Student Center Board, Director of the Armstrong Student Center and/or their designee.

*Bicentennial Rotunda – banners in the rotunda are limited to open events happening in the Armstrong Student Center, and may only hang for 48 hours in advance of the event. All design guidelines outlined above still apply to rotunda banners. 

Approved by the Armstrong Student Center Board 2/4/2015

Bicycle Parking

Bicycles may not be parked inside the Armstrong Student Center. Bicycles should be parked in bicycle racks. Chaining or securing bicycles to any object or structure other than the bicycle rack is prohibited. Bicycles must not be parked in such a manner as to hinder the safe flow of pedestrian traffic. Bicycles parked in violation of this section may be removed by the University and their owners fined. Miami University is not responsible for damage to bicycles and locks incurred during removal. All bicycles must be removed from the racks at the end of spring semester. Bicycles not removed will be confiscated and charged a $25 storage fee.

Building Use and Guests

The Armstrong Student Center enhances student learning and personal and professional development.  An environment conducive to meeting the needs of Miami students, faculty and staff can occur only with the cooperation and support of all. Persons determined by the Armstrong Student Center staff to be disruptive may be asked, and are required, to remove themselves from the premises immediately. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or Miami faculty member, staff member or student.


Events held in the Armstrong Student Center, Phillip R. Shriver Center, and the Goggin Ice Arena, must use Miami Catering for food orders. No outside food is permitted in reserved spaces. Events taking place at other locations may use Miami Catering or a vendor of their choice. For a full listing of standard menu offerings for student organizations, visit the Miami Catering website.

Working with a limited budget? Miami Catering has a variety of options available for your organization, just give them a call at 513-529-3591.

Commons Video Wall/Television

The Armstrong Student Center Board has approved a general schedule for the video wall. Special requests may be directed to the Building Manager on Duty who will use their discretion to determine whether or not to accommodate the request. All major sports playoffs/events, any televised Miami University sporting events, award shows, election coverage, State of the Union, and national news updates (“breaking news”) will all be shown. News broadcasts will only be shown from major networks (CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC).

Movies may not be shown on the commons video wall without approval and require securing of appropriate rights to show copyrighted material in a public venue. 

Dance Policy

Miami University’s dance policy applies to all non-seated events that are open to the general public. Closed events with an invited guest list are not subject to this policy. All events held under this policy require a meeting with the organization’s advisor, Student Activities or the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, MUPD and a staff member from the Armstrong Student Center at least 10 days in advance. An advisor must be present for the entire duration of the event. The organization is responsible for all costs associated with securing MUPD for the event.

For the complete policy, contact the Office of Student Activities or Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and Leadership located in the Sue Henry '73 and Carter Phillips Student Activities Suite (ASC 2029).

Decorating Policies

Spaces at the Armstrong Student Center may not be set up or decorated in any manner without prior consent from the Armstrong Student Center staff. The Armstrong Student Center must approve the location and type of special decorations, banners or signs (indoor and outdoor).

  • Standard Armstrong Student Center signage must not be covered or otherwise obstructed
  • All exit doors, exit lights, fire sprinkler heads, fire alarm pulls, fire extinguishers and other emergency or safety equipment must be kept free of obstacles or decorative material
  • Decorations, balloons, signs, banners, etc. may not be nailed, tacked, stapled or otherwise fastened to ceilings, walls, doors, windows, painted surfaces or columns. Painters tape may be used to attach event-related signs to walls.
  • Caution must be taken to keep all paper or cloth free from light fixtures
  • Decorations and all outdoor and indoor directional signage must be removed immediately following the event
  • The use of decorations, exhibits, or displays must arrange with the Armstrong Student Center for labor to set up and remove materials

Prohibited Items and Practices

Please note the following items are not permitted in the Armstrong Student Center:

  • Straw or other dry plant material, including fresh cut trees
  • Special effects equipment, such as smoke, fog and fire machines, etc.
  • The burning of candles, incense, or other substances producing open flame is strictly prohibited in the Armstrong Student Center at all times
  • Glitter, sand weights, confetti, rice, bird seed, dance wax, powder or similar materials
  • Adhesive-backed (stick-on) decals or similar items
  • Any paint, chemicals or liquids that can damage the facility
  • Portable helium tanks
  • Any extensive electrical power usage must be approved by Armstrong Student Center Staff; extension cords may not be plugged into other extension cords
  • Tape may not be used on floors unless it is designated as “floor tape”. Floor tape will be provided upon request. Regular masking, box, or duct tape is not permitted on any walls, floors, or ceilings.
  • Any freestanding decorations must be stable in nature and lightweight in construction
  • Balloons are allowed, but must be weighted or tied to centerpieces/chairs; any balloons that come loose might incur fees for retrieval. Balloons may not be brought into the Bicentennial Rotunda
  • Dry ice is allowed in the Armstrong Student Center with prior approval by Armstrong Student Center Staff and must be handled by a knowledgeable person
  • Electric lights can be used as long as they are used in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Painting is prohibited within the reservable spaces inside the Armstrong Student Center

Additional Information

Any special needs for decorations, exhibits and displays beyond the scope of this policy must be approved by the Armstrong Student Center staff.

Violation of any of these policies may result in suspension of facility reservation privileges for the semester. Additionally, any damages done will be repaired by the Armstrong Student Center and the client will be billed for all costs incurred on the basis of materials required and staff time. Similarly, excessive cleaning charges will be billed to the client.

The Armstrong Student Center is not responsible for the loss of any materials, displays, gifts, favors or other items left in the building.

Requests for exceptions to any of the Armstrong Student Center policies should be referred to the Director, or the Director’s designee, and may be referred to the Armstrong Student Center Board

Event Registration

Student organizations should submit an event registration request through the Hub for every event they host. 


A student must be listed as a member and an officer of the group with access to the event module in order to submit an event request. If the “create event” button is not visible, then the group’s president, or treasurer, can grant access to the event module.

Event requests should be submitted at least two (2) week prior to the event. Event requests submitted at the last minute may not be approved. Be sure to fill-in all information on the electronic form; requests submitted with missing information will be denied.

  1. Go to:
  2. Log in: upper right hand corner of home page
  3. Select: “Organizations”
  4. Search directory for your organization
  5. Select: “Manage Organization"
  6. Expand for more information, then select "Events"
  7. Select: “Create Event” button (towards top of web page)
  8. Complete form (answer all questions on the electronic form). Note that the "Description" text box is the information that appears on the Hub’s event calendar; a separate textbook is available to enter additional information
  9. Select the "Submit" button when form is complete
  10. Student submitting the event request will receive an email from The Hub stating the event is either approved or denied.

If you have questions or need additional assistant, contact the Office of Student Activities in 2029 Armstrong Student Center at 513.529.2266 or


The fireplaces may only be operated by the Armstrong Student Center staff.  To request for the fireplaces to be lit or unlit, go to the information desk. The East Court fireplace may only be used during scheduled events.

Ford Meditation and Reflection Room

The Ford Meditation and Reflection Room may be reserved for small events which reflect the purpose of the space (meditation, reflection and facilitating student search for meaning). Due to space limitations and available amenities, setup options may be limited. Contact the Armstrong Student Center to request use of this space.

When not reserved, the Ford Meditation and Reflection Room is a place for quiet contemplation, meditation, reflection, or prayer. We ask that you please refrain from any of the following activities that could potentially distract from the serenity of this environment, including:

  • food and drink
  • photography
  • excessive noise and conversation, audible music
  • candle, incense, or any open/closed flame

Hallways and Stairwells

In compliance with fire and safety codes, hallways and stairwells must be free and clear of unauthorized items. An unauthorized item is defined as anything that is not a permanent Armstrong Student Center item such as a trash receptacle. Easels, display boards or other items are not to be placed in hallways and stairwells without approval from the Armstrong Student Center staff.


Proof of Insurance may be required for events that may present a risk of injury to participants or third parties. In such cases, proof of appropriate liability coverage is required prior to approval of the requested event. To protect student organizations and their members, Miami University may require organizations to purchase liability insurance for events held on a Miami campus. 

Event planners must register their events on The Hub. This information is used to assess risk beyond the level covered by the Student Event Umbrella policy. For the entire event insurance policy and related procedures, visit Event Insurance

Internet Access

The Armstrong Student Center is completely wireless and all guests can access the internet via Miami’s guest network.  

Loading Dock

Access to the Armstrong Student Center through the loading dock is for building occupants, deliveries, approved vendors, and authorized physical facilities personnel only. Patrons are prohibited from entering through the loading dock. General parking is not permitted in the loading dock area. Arrangements for loading dock use for event needs should be made through the Armstrong Student Center.


Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or Miami faculty member, staff member or student.  For the complete policy regarding minors on campus, refer to the “Minors on Campus” policy on the General Counsel’s website.

Personal and Organizational Property

The Armstrong Student Center is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal or organizational property. Guests of the Armstrong Student Center are to take appropriate care of such items.  Thefts should be reported to the Armstrong Student Center staff and MUPD.

Personal Sound Devices

Portable radios, personal audio devices, or other sound devices should be used with earphones in the public areas of the Armstrong Student Center. Any amplified sound within the building or on terraces must be approved in advance from the Armstrong Student Center Office.

Posting Policy

There are no bulletin boards for posting event and other promotions in Armstrong Student Center. Fliers may not be left on tables. Table tents are restricted to tables in The Commons, Haines', and Bob and Doris ’52 Diner. They must be approved and scheduled by the Office of Student Activities and have the appropriate approval stamp.

View information on digital signage in Armstrong Student Center.

Priority Scheduling

Events approved for priority scheduling are:

  1. Events approved by the Armstrong Student Center Board for Priority Scheduling
  2. Armstrong Student Center Board events
  3. Miami Activities and Programming Events
  4. Approved Associated Student Government Events

Criteria for priority scheduling approval

The Armstrong Student Center Board will consider requests for priority scheduling (before the student organization advance reservation period) for a limited number of events. This process is designed to provide special consideration for events:

  • Targeted at admitting students or accepted students who have not yet enrolled;
  • That can only be held at a certain time of the year (university academic calendar or a cultural, religious or national holidays, etc.); or
  • That can only be held in the Armstrong Student Center due to the size and logistics of the program.

With the exception of admissions related events, events approved for priority scheduling should also meet these criteria:

  • Has occurred on campus at least one time prior to submission of the request;
  • Are expected to occur annually;
  • Will be open to all students; and
  • Is primarily targeted at students.

Process for requesting priority scheduling approval

Step 1. Submit letter of application (e-mail) to the Director of the Armstrong Student Center and ASC Board. The request must include a justification for the request, as well as the specific dates/time period/date range, space(s) and times that are being requested.

Step 2. The Armstrong Student Center Board will discuss the request to determine the impact on other campus events. Pending “preliminary approval” by the board, the Director (or designee) will invite the requesting department or organization to attend a Armstrong Student Center Board Meeting to discuss the request.

Step 3. During the Armstrong Student Center Board (or sub-committee) meeting, the requesting department or organization will be given the opportunity to communicate the request and the Director (or designee) will provide information on the impact of the request. A discussion with members will follow.

Step 4. The request will be tabled to the next Armstrong Student Center Board meeting at which time a vote will be taken. The Board may decide to approve the request, approve a modified request or deny the request.

Step 5. Continuing approval for priority scheduling is not guaranteed. Sponsoring organizations will submit updated information, a confirmation of continuing need and date(s) of event(s) annually. Sponsoring organizations that do not request dates for two consecutive years will lose their approval and must re-submit their application the following year.

Shoe and Shirt Requirement

For health and safety reason, all persons entering the Armstrong Student Center must wear shirts and shoes. Persons not wearing proper attire will be asked to leave the premises. Shoes may be removed in the Ford Meditation and Reflection Room.

Special Spaces

The following spaces are intended for open usage and are not available for reservations. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Armstrong Student Center Board.

  • Shade Family Room
  • Cliff Alexander Leadership Library

The following spaces are controlled by campus departments and only available with permission of the appropriate department:

  • Carruthers Commuter Resource Center (Armstrong Student Center)
  • Student Activities/Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Leadership Administrative Conference Room (Office of Student Activities)
  • Center for Career Exploration and Success workrooms and lobby (CCES)

The following spaces may be reserved with prior approval by Armstrong Student Center Staff and must not interfere with the regular operations of the space.

  • Shade Family Room Stage
  • Slant Walk/Bicentennial Rotunda
  • Harry T. Wilks Theater Lobby
  • Atrium
  • Red Zone

These spaces also require approval by Dining Services:

  • The Commons (food court)
  • Bob and Doris ’52 Pulley Diner
  • The Galleria (space near Sushi Kabar)


Indoor and outdoor table reservations are available for student organizations, university departments and non-university groups when hosted by student organizations or university departments.

  • Only one table may be reserved at a time.
  • Organizations may not reserve more than 5 days in any two consecutive week period, excluding weekends.
  • Reservations promoting a single event may not exceed 5 days in a consecutive two week period, excluding weekends.
  • As outlined in Chapter 7 of the Student Organization Handbook, tables may not be used to advertise consumption of alcoholic beverages or tobacco, promote commercial activity of any person or entity other than a student organization, and are subject to all applicable state and federal laws including libel laws.
  • Student organizations hosting a non-university organization must be present with them for the duration of their time on campus. The tabling request will not be approved until registered in the Hub. Charges may apply.
  • Cancellations should be made 24 hours in advance. No-shows will be contacted and, if there are additional days in a reservation, those days are subject to cancellation.

Windows, Doors and Walls

Nothing may be affixed to the common walls, windows and doors in the Armstrong Student Center without authorization. This includes paint, posters, flyers, “Post-Its” and other items. 


For more information on campus-wide policies please visit: