Community Kitchen Policy

In order to ensure safety, student organizations reserving the Community Kitchen must have 2 members complete an abbreviated food safety orientation with Dining Services and purchase, for a modest fee, a safety kit that will include food handling gloves, hairnets, and other supplies that ensure food is prepared in a safe and sanitary manner. After events, it is expected that all hard surfaces will be wiped down, leftovers disposed of, and the condition of the kitchen returned to its original cleanliness. Reservations for the kitchen must be made 2 weeks in advance in order to allow for good planning and completion of the food safety orientation. A $25 cleaning fee for professional cleaning will be required for all reservations. Events produced in the Community Kitchen may not be ticketed, charge admission, or have a required donation. Food made in the Community Kitchen must be served in the Community Lounge. The Community Lounge will be locked after midnight unless reserved for an event.

Food kept in the Community Kitchen refrigerator is left at your own risk. The refrigerator will be cleaned out every Friday and with 24 hours notice if an event is scheduled in the kitchen.