Armstrong Student Center Pricing

Effective January 1, 2016

Student Organization Exemption

As the Armstrong Student Center is funded by a designated student activity fee, student organizations do not pay the room reservation fee unless admission is being charged or it is a fundraiser. All ticketed events must use the Box Office services provided by the HOME Office. Student organizations may be charged for staff overtime, extended set-up times and additional equipment.

General Room Fee Schedule

Non-University individuals and organizations

University Departments (discounted 66%)

Student Organizations 
(discounted 80%)

Donald W. Fritz Pavilion




Fritz Pavilion A or B




Fritz Pavilion A/B or C




Cafaro Lounge (without a Fritz Pavilion Reservation)




Harry T. Wilks Theater




Joslin Senate Chamber




Large Meeting Room (1066, 1082, 1086, 2080, 2084)




Joslin Family Terrace, Marcum South Court, Slant Walk or Atrium




Smucker Wiikiaami Room, Ford Meditation and Reflection Room, Community Lounge*, 1080, 2078




Medium Meeting Room (2053, 2058, 2060, 2074, 3001, 3020)




Small Meeting Room (2054, 2056, 2052, 2071, 2073, 3040, 3042)




Shade Family Room Stage

$125 $42 $25

Indoor or outdoor information tables, Student Organization bake sale and small jewelry sales


$50 non-profits



Non student organization reservations include up to 4 hours of usage and basic room set up. Additional fees will be applied for longer time periods, extended set-up, staffing and equipment use and rentals.  

For ASG funded student organization events only:

If your event meets the “open to all” exception allowing non-students and/or graduate students to be charged admission, the room fee will be reduced to 20% of gross sales not to exceed the discounted student organization rate. Additional fees for services will be charged at the normal rates.

Room Cancellation Fees

Full room fee will apply as a cancellation fee when:

  • Donald W. Fritz Pavilion or Harry T. Wilks Theater are not canceled 2 weeks before the event

  • Meeting rooms are not canceled at least 2 days before the event

Additional Fees

The fees below are not waived for student organization events.

Technology Fees
Technology Rental Fee Student Organization Discounted Rate
Technology package (projector and microphone) added to Pavilion, Joslin or Wilks reservation $40 $20
Joslin Senate Chamber Conference/Voting System $40 $20
Technology package added to large meeting room reservation (East Wing) $20 $10
Technology package with HD Projector in Wilks Theater $100 $50
Portable Audio Tier 1 (1 speaker, 1 input) $50 $25
Portable Audio Tier 2 (2 speakers, mixer, multiple inputs) $100 $50
Portable Audio Tier 3 (full system--mixer, speakers, sub, monitors, multiple inputs,; requires A/V Tech staff to operate, charged by event duration) $150 $75
Portable Audio Overtime (use over 4 hours) $25/hour $12.50/hour
A/V Technician Support (per hour) $35 $35

There is no charge to any users for use of these technology features:

  • adaptive listening devices
  • flat screen monitors in small and medium meeting rooms
  • smart/"short throw" projectors in meeting rooms
Event Support Fees
Student Staff overtime (per hour) $25
East Wing Customized Setup $25
Portable Dance Floor $100
Pipe and Drape $10 per section (up to 10')
Community Kitchen or Outdoor Fireplace Cleaning Charge $25
Video conferencing system (2073, 2074, 3020) $25
After hours charges (only applied when event exceed normal building hours) $75/hour
Securing vendors for outside equipment Vendor charges + $15%
Staff management of vendor drop off and vendor equipment setup

Pre-Arranged: Vendor Charges + 10%

Not Pre-Arranged: Vendor Charges + 15%

*The Community Lounge is reserveable for events using the Community Kitchen