Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion

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The Office of Diversity Affairs, currently located on the second and third floor of the Armstrong Student Center, is getting a new name and an expanded, unified space in Armstrong.

The Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion

The new Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion will be located on the second floor of Armstrong in the current Cultural Center and Community Lounge. The lounge will be converted to offices for staff and provide a unified office location for the newly-named center.

"Diversity Affairs staff offices - the Cultural Center, the Women*s Center, and LGBTQ+ Services - are currently spread out over three different spaces on the second and third floor of Armstrong," said Dr. Kelley Kimple, Director of the Center. "Having staff in the same place will allow us to better function as a team.”

“I’m excited about these changes,” said Jane Goettsch, Director of the Women*s Center. “A shared location will allow for more intersectional programming that better serves our students."

The new name - Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion - is designed to better reflect the three constituencies the department serves: students of color, LGBTQ+ students, and women-identified students.

Construction on the Cultural Center and Community Lounge is the first phase of a multi-phase summer project. Work begins the week of May 6, 2019; the first phase is expected to be completed by the end of July. 

Expanded Diversity Suite

The second phase of construction will involve the creation of a large community space on the third floor that incorporates the current Diversity Affairs Council (DAC) office and the area adjacent to it.

“The expansion of the third floor diversity suite will provide more community gathering space for the students we serve,” said Kimple. “The space will also be accessible in the evening hours.”

Construction will begin over the summer and will likely be completed in late August. 

Other Changes in Armstrong

These space changes are part of a larger set of changes in Armstrong that will provide more space for the Career Center and will relocate the Armstrong Center staff to more accessible space near student organizations.

"Change is part of the student center business," said Dr. Katie Wilson, Director of the Armstrong Student Center. "It's a constant evolution to meet student needs."